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Bison Safety Boots partners with 4WD 24/7
to promote Off-Road Adventures

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Bison Safety boots and 4WD 24/7 collaborate to provide more off-road content this year.

The 4WD 24-7 Team, namely Shaun Whale, Graham Cahill, and Jock McDonald, are the most popular off-road lifestyle experts based in Australia. They started their Youtube channel 7 years ago and today have built an impressive and loyal 4WD community. They’ve been leading this side of outdoor vlogging and have generated abundant content on various activities and aspects of off-roading like creating build ups & modified 4WDs, track challenges and vehicle testing, and of course, travel episodes across Australia, such as Kimberley, Cape York, Tasmania, and Vic High Country.

Off-roading and camping has become Australia's favourite leisure activity considering all the unique and captivating terrains Australia has as demonstrated by the 4WD 24/7. Clearly, this is travelling where the journey matters more than the destination.

So why do off-roading in Australia? The best thing about off-roading down under is how diverse the terrain is compared to other countries like the US. Sand dunes, marshes, forests - you choose what challenge you’re up for. Not only do they have short courses available to the newbie fourbie driver like Brushy Lagoon Dam in Tasmania or Dwellingup in Western Australia, but also multi day tracks for already seasoned and avid adventurers like Gibb RIver Road or Canning Stock Route

People might think a 4WD is all you need to start an adventure, but beginners tend to neglect obvious yet essential preparation on upcoming trips. Of course, one of which is to bring reliable footwear.

For harsh and unpredictable environments, a durable 4WD deserves an equally tough footwear companion. Safety boots and steel cap boots are the optimum choice forthese kinds of journeys, that’s why we provided Shaun and the boys of 4WD 24/7 our best safety boots from so they’re given protection with guaranteed comfort. 

BISON work boots differ from other footwear because of our maximum grip technology tested both on dry and wet surfaces. Our boots have a state of the art footbed with arch support as well as an added rocker heel and toe so you can wear your shoes for a long period without slip risk and fatigue. Our XTs also feature an anti-penetration midsole to protect you from a puncture with market first ‘IMFLEX’ technology offering additional comfort in the heel strike area as well as maximum flex. Try them for yourself and experience the best work boots in the market.

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Expect upcoming partnered content on the 4WD 24-7 Youtube Channel as well as a competition this May, its mechanics coming soon, open to all 4WD and Bison enthusiasts.

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About 4WD 24/7

4WD 24/7 was previously known as 4WD Action. Shaun Whale, Graham Cahill and the boys have been creating the best off-road content for Australians for 20 year

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About Bison Safety Boots

As career footwear designers with decades of collective experience, we made it our mission to produce the best fitting pair of boots possible for the modern day worker.